Hartford Mediation is open for remote services.

Mediation is an alternative resolution process where you and your partner meet with a mediator to resolve  legal issues without going to court.

The purpose of mediation is to avoid the time and expense of further litigation by settling disputes early on in the process. So you can move on peacefully in a timely manner.

With mediation, YOU decide what is best for your family. The mediator does not make decisions for you. The mediator ensures the deliberations remains focused on the issues and prevents disagreements from escalating.

Minimize conflict.
Save time and money.

What types of issues can be resolved through Remote Mediation?

Child Support, Special and Extraordinary Expenses, Spousal Support, Scheduling, decisions about Extracurricular Activities, Division of Property, Parenting Plans, and Transition Issues.  Plus parenting issues such as disagreements about cell phone use, screen time, homework issues, discipline, curfews, and any other issues that are causing conflict with your co-parent.

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