Checklist to Prepare for Your Separation

Consider whether you can settle your divorce without having to go to court

Even if you are strongly committed to going through with your divorce, it’s always best to consider whether you could settle your divorce without having to go to court. While not all couples will be able to reach an agreement without involving lawyers and judges, many couples do settle their divorce proceedings outside of the court system.

Think about whether you need to hire a lawyer

Whether or not you have a lawyer will have a big impact on how much time and money it takes for you to get divorced, so it’s important to think about this early on. Collaborative Family Law Lawyers, and Mediators should be considered when making this decision.

Compile necessary documents

There are some documents that you should have on hand before your initial meeting with a divorce lawyer or mediator. You will need to fully disclose all financial documents. The last thing you want is missing a key piece of evidence or having evidence that doesn’t match up. Ask Heather for a list of items you will need to compile to prepare for drafting a Separation Agreement.

Draft a Parenting Agreement

When separating, drafting a parenting agreement that is good for your child is going to be your priority. Negotiating a parenting agreement that meets all the unique needs of your family can be an emotional task for couples, but it is something that both parties need to agree upon because it will affect them, and the children, for years to come.

Consciously take steps to separate your lives

Help yourself prepare to separate by separating yourself from your spouse’s life both physically and emotionally. The physical separation may happen with one party moving to a separate residence, even if temporarily. The emotional separation will take time. Creating healthy boundaries is crucial for moving on from your partner. When you have news to share–positive or negative–you need someone other than your former spouse to share these details of your new life with, or to ask for advice. Your communication with your ex should revolve around the children.

Embrace the New Normal

You are now in a position to reinvent yourself! Create a new life for yourself and forge new traditions, new hobbies, new styles, and a new normal. The end of a relationship can become a scar or it can become positive transitional moment in your life. It’s up to you!

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