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Ending a relationship can be overwhelming and complicated—emotionally, financially, and legally. Hartford Mediation is ready to assist lawyers and their clients to creatively settle the toughest issues with discretion and skill.


Family Mediation

When a relationship ends, many people do not know where to begin. No one wants a lengthy legal battle, but no one wants to feel vulnerable or taken advantage of.
At Hartford Mediation your mediation is a fair, safe, confidential, and affordable way to resolve disagreements.
Hartford Mediation is ready to assist lawyers and their clients to creatively settle the toughest issues with discretion and skill.


You have tried everything and can’t agree. You may have a court date, but decisions need to be made now.
Arbitration is “private litigation.” Each party, after receiving independent legal advice, presents their argument verbally or via documentation. The arbitrator makes a legally enforceable decision or “award” based on the law and the best interests of the child.
Arbitration is a efficacious, cost-efficient, confidential way of managing time-sensitive or discreet issues.

Parenting Coordination

Where is the hockey bag? Why wasn’t the homework finished on the weekend? Do the kids need dance AND piano lessons? How long should you date someone before introducing them to the kids?
Co-parenting isn’t easy; but with guidance from a parenting coordinator it can be peaceful and rewarding.
The PC’s role is to keep parents focused on the needs of the child, empower each parent to voice their concerns and priorities, and to respect and value their co-parenting partner.
Parenting Coordination can begin while you are still married to or living with your partner, are in the process or separating, or any time after the separation.
Parenting coordination services are often used during the teen years to negotiate a child’s new independence, boundaries, and changes to schedules.
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In the Mediation-Arbitration Process, clients decide at the outset that if an agreement isn’t reached through mediation they will immediately move to arbitration. Ideal for those times when you are fairly certain that a settlement can be reached; but need something in place to guarantee that it is.

Independent Screening for Power Imbalances

When your firm requires an outside agency to complete an Independent Screen for Power Imbalances, call Hartford Mediation.

Case Management

Receiving support from multiple agencies and services, while helpful, can be overwhelming. Paperwork, funding deadlines, case conferences, and scheduling appointments can feel like chaos. Let us keep things organized and managable.

Voice of the Child Reports

In the midst of a separation children often tell each parent what they believe that parent wants to hear. No one wants to interrogate their child and no one can assume they know what their child thinks or feels.
Hartford Mediation can complete a Views and Preferences of the Child Report. With over 25 years experience working with children of all ages and abilities, we are able to set the child at ease to openly and freely discuss their views and preferences. Children typically have fun during the process as we play, chat, and maybe even have a snack.
It is important to note that VPC reports are considered the “voice” of the child, not the “choice” of the child. Once completed, the child’s interests are more clearly understood. Ultimately all decisions and agreements are made by the parents.

Parent-Teen Mediation

Parents and Teens sometimes find themselves in conflict.  

Parent Teen Mediation offers an opportunity to promote understanding and respect of each persons views and choices. 

Often Parent Teen Conflict revolves around  high-risk behaviours from the youth including substance abuse,  and social media safety. 

Parents and teens can address existing issues and learn new ways of communicating in a safe, neutral, confidential space. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated

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